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Ricky Martin - Puerto Rico 24 December 1971
Born Enrique Martin Morales is a world famous Puerto Rican singer/actor who sold more then 60 million albums worldwide.
He achieved fame in the early 90's and became the most beloved bombshell in the gay community although Ricky Martin himself always stayed silent about his sexuality. However the LGBT community had never had any doubts about his homosexuality.
It took many years for the La Vida Loca Adonis to come out of the closet. He admitted on the Oprah Winphrey show that he couldn't take it any more to deny his sexuality. And for the sake of his children - the twins Valentino & Matteo he found it about time to tell the truth: 'Today is my day, this is my time and this is my moment'. These years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn't even know existed. I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual men.
'I am very blessed to be what I am', said the heartthrob of millions. For the LGBT community all over the world it meant a lot that Ricky Martin finally admitted his homosexuality. The LGBT community finds itself stronger with Ricky Martin as a weapon to fight for acceptance.
Wentworth Earl Miller III - UK 2 june 1972
Wentworth is an American actor born in the UK. He is best known for his role as Michael Scofield in the U.S. series Prison Break. Wentworth  has become a gay icon as a result of his role in the homo-erotically charged prison drama. However, Wentworth denies every bit of being gay. He is aware of all the rumours around him and its cool with it. Speaking out after persistent rumours about his sexual orientation circulated on the Internet, Miller said, 'Certain people are going to have certain fantasies. If someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each, that's cool with me as long as you keep watching the show'. More than himself the gay community is convinced of his homosexuality. Ofcource the handsome actor himself knows better what is he is, but denying his sexual oratation is fighting against the coviction of his million gay fans. Only time will tell whatever his preference is. Meanwhile the gorgeous Wentworth remains an icon and one of the most perfect men for million homosexuals.
Anna Blaman - Holland 31-01- 1905, 13 juli 1960
Born as Johanna Petronella Vrugt was a prominent Dutch writer who wrote under the pseudonym Anna Blaman. Anna Blaman a woman on a motorcycle, a lesbian who during her study years in the 20's bravely came out for her homosexuality. She never problematized her sexual orientation. And to think that she stood up for her sexual orientation during a period when the Dutch people were ardent adherents of the Christian religion and Hitler commanded to murder all homosexuals.

Anna studied and taught French before she devoted herself to her writing career. In 1941 she established her name with the novel Women and friend. In 1948, her masterpiece, a novel compositional Eenzaam Avontuur in wich gay erotic passages were exposed. Anna's book caused great commotion in the Reformed and Catholic church. This agitation culminated in 1949 in the Book Tribunal, by fellow-writers who accused Anna Blaman of literary shortcomings.

Eventually, she and her novel acquitted. Anna Blaman was crushed by her work, but also greatly admired. Through Anna Blaman lesbians found a way to get out of the closet. Many lesbians laid her book on coffee tables for visitors to indicate that they were one of them.
Unfortunately Blaman Anna died on 13 July 1960 on the effects of a cerebral embolism. Her grave was silently removed in the nineties. This was mainly due to the fact that attention to her work was getting lost. LGBT's are fighting better for themselves and have better role models. And what is the work of Anna Blaman compared to all the writers who came after her and  promoted sexuality so that it is no longer taboo? But the fact remains that Anna Blaman was a lesbian with heroism. A lesbian with guts who avenged in a religeous Netherlands where there was no place for homosexuals. With her book, she encouraged many others. And with success! There was a renewed interest for Anna Blaman during the celebration of her hundredth year of birth in 2005. Rotterdam organized in the same year the Anna Blaman Festival. The city strained for a memorial for Anna Blaman - a huge silver motorcycle, as she was often seen on such a vehicle. Amsterdam also unveiled a memorial in memory of Anna Blaman. Rotterdam is full of praises of the work of Anna Blaman. There are many exhibitions in the city to visit during her remembrances. Rotterdam trys to keep thememories and great works of Anna Blaman alive. Fighters as Anna Blaman come, do their job and go. Time is moving on. But respect goes out to all of them like Anna Blaman who with her contribution made the living of LGBT's more venerable.
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michelangelo caravaggio gay icon
Michelangelo Caravaggio - Italy 29/09/1571 - 18/07/1610

Merisi da Caravaggio was a great Italian painter of the early Baroque. Caravaggio made history by introducing a very naturalistic style that was a sharp contrast between light and shadow, perspective and an impressive meticulous attention to detail. Many artists like Rembrandt van Rijn are inspired by his style and Caravaggio is also considered as the father of modern painting. His work is as adventurous as his life. A homosexual with the courage of a thousand who's life was as eventful as his art in which he revered his affection for the male body. Still many believe that there is no conclusive evidence that Caravaggio was homosexual. Then why would anyone, at that time when the Roman Catholic Church was more then ever active to exterminate homosexuals, dare to make such art which easily referred to homosexuality?
harvey milk gay icon
Harvey Benard Milk - USA may 22, 1930 - Nov 27, 1978
Harvey Milk is an icon of the civil rights movement and gay equality in the United States and beyond. Harvey Milk was a gay activist and an American politician who became California’s first openly gay elected official, when he won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Tragically Harvey Milk was slain by the homophobic Dan White in the San Francisco city hall.
The immediate cause
was a political dispute over the renaming of White. Dan White was sentenced to a remarkably low penalty of just seven years imprisonment for manslaughter, because the prosecutor had intentionally made mistakes in the investigation.
The murder of Harvey Milk lead to riots in the city.
Police raided bars and restaurants frequented by homosexuals and many were abused. The police began to beat patrons at random with sticks and destroy their property. But the brave LGBT's didn't give up and fought for their rights. 
They fought for the great Milk and hospitalized many policemen in the process. I can't express my gratitude to this Great men. If there is some kind of freedom for LGBT's in the world then it definitely started with Harvey Milk.
anita bryant monster
Beware of retarted idiotic monsters like Anita Bryant.
She is well known as an anti-gay activist who has a lot of followers. Many believe her theories, especially fanatic Christians. She was a member of the Southern Baptist Convention Church and hated
It is very important for all LGBT's to conspire and continue the fight for equal rights so that no followers of Dan White or Anita Bryant can harm us. We should all know that the little freedom we LGBT's have is for a major part thanks to the fabulous Harvey Milk.
alan turing gay icon
Alan Turing - England 23 juni 1912 - 7 juni 1954
5 mei Bevrijdingsdag - in vrijheid  leven.
Op deze bijzondere dag wil ik mijn eerbied betonen aan de Britse wiskundige en informatica-pionier Alan Turing, die tijdens de Tweede Wereld Oorlog een beslissende rol speelde in het kraken van de nazi-codes. Tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog werkte de briljante Alan Turing aan het kraken van de codes die Duitse duikboten gebruikten, de Enigma-codes. Zijn werk zorgde ervoor dat de oorlog minder lang duurde, en op die manier werden duizenden levens gered. Alan Turing was homo. Na de bevrijding van de oorlog werd hij in 1952 veroordeeld tot chemische castratie voor zijn homoseksualiteit. Aan de vooravond van Kerstmis 2013 heeft de Britse koningin Elizabeth postuum koninklijk pardon voor die mensonterende veroordeling. Zijn veroordeling wegens zijn homoseksualiteit zou vandaag worden beschouwd als onrechtvaardig en discriminerend.
Wentworth Earl Miller gay
Whether one acknowledges his sexual orientation or not - his passion in his work leaves no doubts about his sensuous appreciation of the male form. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio needs no further introduction what so ever. He is an icon among LGBT's. Much has been written about him. Many people worship his work. Caravaggio's work was revolutionary. Anything I could write about him is insignificant in comparison to what the great and brave Caravaggio Merisi da Caravaggio has left the world and achieved for the LGBT community. We all should take an example from this one man alone. He was alone. We are with millions: still we LGBT are being discriminated. And discrimination against us is increasing day by day. Caravaggio was a daring men for his time.
LGBT's. In 1977 she conducted a campaign against local regulation in Miami that forbidded discrimination based on sexual orientation.
She was convinced of the sinfulness of LGBT's.
She was convinced that by definition LGBT people
are unhappy and need to be changed. Anita Bryant has her sloshed way of thinking based on her fundamentalist Christian faith. She stood at the head of a political grouping Save Our Children which was formed in that year and preached death against homosexuals and feared that children would be affected by them. She won and the regulation was rejected.
This led to protest in many Western countries and also in the United States itself. Especially The Netherlands fought against her and the American stupidity. There was a campaign against her and a benefitconcert called Miami Nightmare. One of the most popular
Dutch singer Mary Servaes (Zangeres Zonder Naam) sung protest songs like Luister Anita. Another famous Dutch lesbian Pia Beck, a great pianist who and frequently visits the States, guarded against Anita.
Koningin Elizabeth heeft de wet die het huwelijk openstelt voor paren van gelijk geslacht in Engeland en Wales met haar handtekening bekrachtigd en het heeft er alle schijn van dat zij nu de LHBT gemeenschap een warm hart toedraagt. In 2009 heeft de Britse regering onder premier Gordon Brown officieel spijt betuigd voor de 'inhumane' manier waarop Alan Turing is behandeld. Ik verzoek u allen om op wat voor manier dan ook bij te dragen een gelukkig leven voor een ieder. Laten wij elkaar lief hebben en ervan mogen genieten dat wij er mogen zijn en in vrijheid kunnen leven door dappere mensen als Alan Mathison Turing. Heb als het u belieft respect voor elkaar!