Lata Mangeshkar
Asha Bhosle - Have you ever seen a waterfall retrace its path? I have seen it rather heard it in Didi’s voice. The tinkling notes of her taan tumble forth like a waterfall plunging down a cliff and go back exactly the same way.
Ilaiyaraaja - nothing will remain the same and 
anything can be replaced by something but one thing will remain in the world is Lataji’s divine voice.
Kanan Devi - Before the advent of playback singing, the songs that we actresses sang were songs only in name. It is only after Lata started giving playback, that real music happened.
Pandit Jasraj -- We classical singers are grateful to Lataji that she hasn’t taken to singing pure classical.
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi -- Thanks to Lata, today the common man has started appreciating classical music.
Harriprasad Chaurasia -- Traditionally, Saraswati (knowledge, art) and Lakshmi (wealth) are not supposed to be residing together. But look at Lataji.
Madam Noor Jehan -- (Madam Noor Jehan said this in 1943)Mark my words, this girll will one day become a tremendously succesful singer.
Talat Mahmood -- She is the only personality in our film industry who is respected by one and all.
Pandit Ravi Shankar -- I reserve special respect for an artiste who has both, acute sensitivity and sharp intellect. God has bestowed both these upon Lata in abundance.
Kavita Krishnamurthy -- My love for film music arises because of Lataji’s songs. Not just her voice, she is the ideal exponent of everything to do with music. For me, there cannot be anything greater than her. I’m not talking about the pure classical format, but the light music format with words in it. No one is greater than her as far as emotion, perception of words and
the spiritual quality is concerned - you feel it’s not music for the sake of entertainment but music for the sake of reaching God, wich actually is the real purpose of music.
I remember the first time I met her. I was recording for Hemant Kumar. I had to sing just two lines. And Hemantda told me that Lataji was coming. I was instantly nervous. This was in early 1971. I was singing for a Bengali film in wich she was singing. When she came in I was so tongue - tied that I forget my two lines because I just kept starring at her. And she smiled at me very quietly. It was a great axperience. In fact on the way back home she stopped her car and asked if she could drop me somewhere. I was walking with my mother and said ‘’no, no we’re going in the opposite direction.” I was so nervous that I started walking back towards the studio instead of away from it. Till my mother said “ hey we’re walking away from our road.” I was so overtaken with emotion. I was overawed.
I’ve always been overawed by her personality. I think she’s a wonderfull gift to our country. As a person too,
she is great company. If you catch her in the right mood, she is extremely funny. She’s a great mimic too and she can say the funniest things with a straight face. She can be so mischievous and can keep you in splits. When I received my first Filmfare award for Pyar Hua Chupke Se, she too was being felicitated. She said so graciously “ I am very happy that Kavita has got the award, she deserved it.” And I felt - as did so many others that acknowledgement was a greater gift than the award I was holding in my hand. I think so epitomises all that is great in music and she has set very great standards for all the singers in this country.
P Susheela -- I grew up listening to Lataji's songs andor my initial auditions, I sung only Lataji's songs. I would stay glued to the radio when her songs were played. Singing Lataji's songs has helpen developing my vocal flexibility. Lataji showers the same warmth wich she showers on her sisters. She was so effectionate wwhen I visited her at her residence. I tell her that the Mangeshkar sisters are not four, but five. I am great fan of Lataji. That Lataji was in Mumbay was one of the reasons I never wanted to sing in Hindi films. I cherish each moment with Lataji. I can never forget the warmth and effection she has showered on me. One has to learn how to respect artists from her. One they Lataji spontenously hugged me on a concert. That was the happiest moment of my life.
Rakhee ------- I don’t think any artiste anywhere in the world has attained the heights she has reached. She has become immortal in her lifetime. When I hear her songs, its clears my brains. I have attended Lataji’s recordings. When Lataji sang, she had absolutely no facial expression. She din’t move her body or hands or change her expressions. She was absolutely immobile and yet - how expressive was her voice. I am a great fan of Lataji.
Manna Dey ---- I have been an avid follower of Lata’s voice. I was very attracted to it. Other singers had their limitations, but Lata was a singer who could sing everything. I was completely
swept off my feet when she started singing. Lata’s singing was so different from these singers( Zohra, Shamshad, Geeta Dutt & Rajkumari). It’s a fact that with her entry into music, and the kind of power she had, music directors were attracted to her singing that other
artistes were eclipsed by her. I was given to understand that she followed Noor jehan. I always maintained that Noor Jehan was a great singer, but Lata was greater. Lata can sing anything - she was a phenomenal. I don’t compare her to anybody because she can’t be. She also had an impeccable pronunciation. She pronounced her words beautifully. I always liked that and I keep listening to her songs even now. Her breath control was amazing. I have learnt so many of these techniques from her.
Dilip Kumar --- Lataji, jisko sunkar farishte bhie apna kaam kaaj chhod kar aasman se neeche uthar aate hain. Bade bade buzoergho aur paighambaron ka bhie kehna hai ke insaan Khuda ke tagleeq ke baad - Allah miya ne chand suraj banaye hain. Ye ek jadoo hai. Lekin iske baad, jo jadoo hai, wo paighambaron ne kaha hai ke wo sher o naghma ka jadoo hai. To Lataji Allah ki tagleeq ke baad aap ka jadoo hai.
Nargis --- I never needed to use glycerine while emoting to sad songs rendered by Lata Mangeshkar.
Amitabh Bachchan --- When the voice achieves perfect harmony with a note, it is as if the soul has soared up to become one with the supreme
being. That’s how I feel when I listen to Lataji.

Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan --- The blessed creature never goes out of tune - what a miracle of Allah!
Waheeda Rahman --- Wohi to kamala ki baat hai Lataji ki, ke wo itni badi kalakaar hai. Maghar wo kabhie mere ghayaal se nehin sochti ke ‘ Main haa main to bohot achhi bohot badi artiste hoon, main Lata Mangeshkar
hoon, to main koi bhie waqt koi bhie gana kis tarah gaan loon.’ Hum sab ke liye unho ne gaya. Mere se pehle walon ke generation ke liye bhie gaya. Aur aaj tak bhie gaa rahi hain. Un men ek bohot badi ghoobi ye hai ke wo jis artiste ke liye gaati hai - wo unke hisaab se gaati hai.
Smita Patil --- Didi ki main bhakt hoon.
Har waqt unke awaaz sunti hoon to mere ronkte khade ho jate hain. Didi ko main weise logon men se maanti hoon jinhon ne is dunia men bohot bade kaam kiye hain. Jin ke awaaz ne is dunia ke logon ko dukh ke mauke men shanty di hai. Didi ke saamne, auur aap ke saamne main sirf Yahi keh sakti hoon ‘ke jahan devjatwa ki prachhatti hoti hain, uske saamne sirf apne haath jhodte hain.
Ustad Amir Khan --- What we classical musicians take three and a half hours to accomplish, Lata does it in three minutes.
Naushad --- Dharakta hai dil e Hindustaan awaaz men teri, Lata. Jis tarah se Kundanlal Saigal, Mukesh, Mohd Rafi, Hemant Kumar apne jagaen chhod kar
chale gaye hain. Unke jagah purr nehin hue hain. Lata Mangeshkar jiske naam hai. Lata Mangeshkar ko Khuda karoron barso zinda rakhe. Jab bhie wo recording ke liye aayi to wo apne music hall ke baher chappel uthar deti thi. Aur uss darwaze ko eise chumna jeise Saraswati ke mandir men aayi.
Rekha --- Lata Mangeshkar ek ehsaas hai jise mahsoos kiye jata hai, bajaan nehin. Je ek naam hai jise sunte hi mere dil men sukoon aur chhehre par muskurahat aa jati hai. To me she is ethereal. Someone from another world. Larger then life. No less then a goddess - a devi. This one name evokes a million feelings inside me. I have a smile on my lips and tears in my eyes. In other words I feel alive when I hear this name Lata Mangeshkar